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Mugilu is our homestay in Sakleshpur, designed like a small resort. Set amidst a ten acre coffee and pepper plantation, Mugilu has been created with a lot of passion and effort to maintain its original and natural surroundings. You could say that as avid travellers, we know what the expectations are of a simple homestay or resort. We’ve therefore put this into action for you.

Unlike a conventional homestay in Sakleshpur, our four cottages are individual units to ensure the privacy of our guests is not compromised. The cottages are a comfortable 400sft each with a balcony and bath. The balconies overlook our plantation and the only sounds you’ll hear are of nature and birds. In addition, we have a large independent room too that can accommodate 6 adults comfortably. Ideal for families that like to stay together.

Come chill out. Its the best kind of break.



The only ratings that matter to us are what our Guests tell us. Sincere, spontaneous and heartfelt. But we can’t help mention that since 2012, Mugilu has received the prestigious Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence every year. This, coupled with our high rating and guest reviews are a public testament to what Mugilu delivers as a resort / homestay in Sakleshpur.



Located just 240 km from Bangalore, Mugilu is a mere 4 hour drive. Good roads and a scenic drive makes this an ideal weekend getaway from Bangalore.


Independent Cottages

We’ve created four well spaced independent cottages overlooking the plantation and valley. In addition, we have a larger room that can accommodate 6 adults. This is possibly why most of our guests consider Mugilu to be more of a resort than a homestay in Sakleshpur.


Sight Seeing

Depending on what interests you, there are between 6-10 places of interest located just 1-2 hours’ drive from Mugilu. Of course, if you are a nature lover, you will find a lot more things interesting – a lot more closer.

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Sakleshpur Homestay and Resort, Mugilu


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Homestay in sakleshpur, mugilu

The Western Ghats are among only 24 bio diversity hotspots of the world and recently declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. As such it also offers you many possibilities of being a weekend getaway from Bangalore.  Unfortunately, not all travelers are sensitive to this hotspot.

At Mugilu, we believe in maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature by minimizing the impact and preserving this rich bio diverse ecosystem.

Firstly, Mugilu is for the responsible traveler who understands the need for the above and helps us maintain this. We limit our footprint by having only 4 cottages and restricting reservations strictly for families, small groups and couples only!

homestay in sakleshpur, mugilu

We offer all the amenities and comforts of a homestay. Please do not expect the services or facilities offered by resorts.

We have maintained Mugilu in the most natural way possible so as to provide the true experience of nature as it should be! This has prevented us from paving paths and landscaping gardens. Yes, its a homestay but one that has been created to complement the surrounding and not compete with them.

Prior to a booking, we would like you to go through our website in detail to understand the kind of place where you will be staying. The following points will help.


We believe in conservation. Please use electricity, water and other resources prudently.

Pet Friendly

Pets are welcome! We have four lovely and friendly doggies at Mugilu. They are very well-behaved and will not be enclosed or leashed.


Mugilu and its surroundings offer a great canvas for photographers – both amateur and professionals. The seasons, the time and the weather are practically like new lens. Do get a camera along.

Nature Trails

“Everything is walking distance if you have the time”. And around Mugilu, its just that much more beautiful. Bring your most comfortable walking shoes along.


No Littering

Its more than a request. We urge you and your family, especially young children to adhere to the no littering policy. Please help us to maintain a clean environment, we’re proud of it.


Moving about

Please refrain from moving out of the premises after sunset. If you do plan to go to the grassland hillock nearby, please inform us in advance.



Its a quiet place. Sound travels far and fast. Please do not play any loud music.


The Environment

Insects, birds, moths, leeches, snakes and even our own pet dogs are part of Mugilu. Please do not disturb them and they will not disturb you.

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The Sights and Scenes around Mugilu

What you should consider carrying along to Mugilu

Homestay in sakleshpur camera


We shouldn’t be the ones to tell you this, but we’ve had instances where our guests wished they’d brought their DSLRs instead of just the phone. So there you go. If you have one, carry it along. You could be a contributor to our website someday.

Homestay in sakleshpur shoes

Comfortable Shoes

This may seem silly too, but carry the shoes that are comfortable to walk in not look in. Heels are a hindrance in this terrain. Shoes with grip are ideal – whether sneakers or boots. Oh, and sandals are only good for use within the room.

Homestay in sakleshpur binoculars


Whether you’re a bird watcher or not, carrying a pair of Binoculars will certainly be a great idea. With amazing birds, butterflies, dragon flies and so much more – you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Homestay in sakleshpur shoes


Anything that you’re comfortable in and for the season. If you enjoy treks and walks, then please carry full length trousers or cargos.